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Best Private Bank for Offshore Services


Global Banking & Finance Review Award
Best Bank for International Banking Services Mauritius

Euromoney Award
Best Private Bank for Offshore Services


Capital Finance International (CFI.co) Award
Best International Bank Indian Ocean

Global Banking & Finance Review Award
Best Private Bank for Offshore Services


Capital Finance International (CFI.co) Award
Best International Bank Indian Ocean

Global Brands Magazine Award
Fastest Growing Banking Brand Mauritius


Capital Finance International (CFI.co) Award
Best International Bank Indian Ocean


Capital Finance International (CFI.co) Award
Most Innovative & Fastest Growing International Bank in the Indian Ocean 2018


With its Headquarters and banking operations all based at its prestigious WEAL HOUSE, strategically located in the heart of the island’s capital at Place d’Armes, Port- Louis, ABC Banking Corporation Ltd continues its steady ascending course and stands as a well-established bank, highly respected for its excellent reputation, its strict integrity, and top quality of its products & services.

The bank is organised on four main pillars being: Retail & Corporate Banking, Private Banking, International Banking and Treasury. To run the business and deliver its products & services successfully, the bank is equipped with a highly motivated and committed team of experienced professionals and competent staff, led by a talented, innovative and supportive management, in turn guided by a wise and experienced, well informed, prudent, and cohesive Board of Directors. Starting in December 2010 with a portfolio of MUR 2.0 billion of Term Deposits, a legacy of its original status as a Finance & Leasing Company, ABC Banking Corporation has the great merit of having built up after seven and a half years of operations as a bank, a Deposit base totalling MUR 15.0 billion while the total of its Shareholders’ Equity has moved during that period from MUR 225 million to MUR 1.5 billion.

A major milestone was achieved in January 2016 when the bank opened its shareholding to the public and was listed on the Development and Enterprise Market (DEM) of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM).

The bank ranks among DEM listed companies whose share prices have achieved significant percentage increases since listing. In March 2018, the bank was honoured by the election of its Managing Director, Professor Donald Ah-Chuen, as President of the SEM.

Following its rapid growth, successful performance and steady progress, ABC Banking Corporation Ltd has been receiving prestigious trophies during the past few years. In 2014, the bank obtained the “Best Private Bank in Mauritius” award in the category of offshore services, for the second consecutive year from Euromoney Magazine. It also won in 2014 and 2015 the prize of ”Best Bank for International Banking Services Mauritius” awarded by Global Banking & Financing Review. Three distinctions came successively in 2015, 2016 and 2017 from Capital Finance International (CFI.co) Magazine recognising the bank as one of Africa’s top performing financial services providers with the award of “Best International Bank Indian Ocean”. ABC Banking Corporation Ltd also won the “Fastest Growing Banking Brand, Mauritius” for the year 2016 by the Global Brands Magazine. This year, the bank is once again honoured with an award by the CFI Magazine, with the accolade of “Most Innovative & Fastest Growing International Bank in the Indian Ocean 2018”, which is a fitting recognition of the hard work achieved by everyone at the bank.

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“However, in spite of these obstacles, our management and staff, inspired by the bank’s continued successful performance of the past three years and under the guidance of the Board and its sub-committees, pushed on with great determination and delivered a beautiful sprint in the last quarter to close the year with a significant Profit before tax of MUR 292 million, thereby achieving another milestone for the bank.”

Operating income
June 2018
Yearly progress in
net interest income
Bank total assets
Hon. Y.K.J Yeung Sik Yuen, G.O.S.K.
Professor Donald Ah-Chuen, G.O.S.K.
Managing Director


The Board of Directors of ABC Banking Corporation Ltd is fully committed to attaining and sustaining high standards of corporate governance with the objective of enhancing shareholders’ value while also improving the service and benefits to stakeholders at large. It believes that good governance is not only concerned with complying with the legal and regulatory requirements but also encompasses the conduct of the operations of the bank by the management and staff within the highest level of business ethics under its stewardship and supervision.

Throughout the year ended 30 June 2018, to the best of the Board’s knowledge, the Organisation has complied with the Corporate Governance Code for Mauritius (2016). The Organisation has applied all of the principles set out in the Code and explained how these principles have been applied.




Financial Highlights


Asset quality level improved significantly over the past years, overall NPL ratios have maintained their downtrend from 2.6% in 2016 down to 1.4% in 2018, notably due to enhanced quality of credit extended both domestically and outside Mauritius.

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